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Titre:  Voyages de Fitness - Paysage Naturel DEVISE DE PAIEMENT
Prix:   € 17.95
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Article:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Approx. duration - 108 minutes

Tired of watching TV programs while you exercise?

Then why not try a virtual trip amidst beautiful scenery with natural images and natural sounds?
Stay in shape and turn exercising into a virtual journey through the countryside. Get fit while enjoying the sounds of nature and wonderful, unspoilt scenery. All tracks repeat automatically allowing longer exercise sessions and a Play All function lets you play all 6 in turn.

Take a warm-up walk down to a beautiful beach or enjoy the shady lanes of tropical forests... Wander through wind-swept scenery or jog near the coast with views of the distant sea... Walk along deserted, tree-lined roads or run through open landscapes towards rugged mountains.

Track 1 - Warm-up Walk - 10:27 (approx. 4 mph/6 kph)
Track 2 - Through the Trees - 27:06 (approx. 5 mph/8 kph)
Track 3 - Tropical Forest - 11:33 (approx. 5 mph/8 kph)
Track 4 - Windy Way - 12:41 (approx. 5.5 mph/9 kph)
Track 5 - Mountain Landscape - 25:57 (approx. 6 mph/10 kph)
Track 6 - Coastal Route - 20:28 (approx. 5 mph/8 kph)Q

Expédition :  2 jours ouvrables
Voyages de Fitness - Paysage Naturel    

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