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Article:  Vidéo DVD, Toutes régions, écran large, Dolby Digital stéréo, approx. duréee - 85 minutes

Un DVD de la Collection ® Ambient - Filmé avec des caméras haute définition.

Profitez de la pluie sans vous mouiller...

Maintenant, vous pouvez vous asseoir et profiter de la vue apaisante et les sons de la pluie - sans vous mouiller.Les films de la pluie dans les deux hémisphères Nord et Sud montrent la beauté de la nature dans les climats les plus humides pour vous calmer et pour vous rafraîchir.

Promenez-vous dans les jardins remplis de fleurs colorées et les palmiers à feuilles vert vif récemment lavées par les pluies tropicales. Découvrez la robuste campagne galloise avec ses rivières sauvages et les collines drapées par des cascades. Profitez les couleurs de Automne et regardez les gouttes de pluie qui tombe doucement sur les feuilles de couleur cuivre. Ou encore flânez long les ruisseaux nichés au cœur d’anciennes forêts anglaises et relaxez-vous par les motifs circulaires de la pluie sur les lacs calmes.

- Deux films de 25 minutes: Pluie Tropicale et pluies du Nord.
- Un film de 20 minutes ou plus long, Scènes Apaisantes qui évoluent lentement.
- Trois traces Décoration Naturelle: Après la pluie, Mousson et les Gouttes de pluie sur le Lac.
- Choix de 6 pistes audio de pluie et musique.

* Tous les titres accompagnés par des sons naturels enregistrés sur le terrain.
* Chansons répéter automatiquement - jouer un continu ou utiliser la fonction Play All.

Expédition :  2 jours ouvrables

What a wonderful, relaxing & soothing DVD this is! It's the perfect way to unwind after a busy day. I personally prefer the natural sounds of the rain - and there's even a selection of rain sounds aswell - but it's also nice to be able to ring the changes with music too. Each track is beautifully filmed, and the DVD is good value for money given the extensive variety of choices. You can put it on to play continuously which is great. Excellent & highly recommended - you won't regret purchasing this!
Ali, U.K.

This is a perfect relaxation DVD, in both subject and quality, and Tony Helsloot, Liz Jones and Isis Visuals should be celebrated for such a beautiful offering. Our household has quickly put it into our 'daily play' choices, and there are so many reasons why that I will just start ticking them off and hope that I do the DVD justice. Firstly, the DVD concentrates on "Rain" and "Rain" alone; so many times, we'll get one of these DVDs advertised as "Ocean" "Forest", etc. only to find that halfway through the set, there's nameless hikers seeking the perfect picnic spot, or sailboats skipping along the water's surface to a jaunty tune. Not with this one, however: "Rain" is an hour and a half of various levels and types of rainfall, accompanied by absolutely gorgeous, slow, calming film shots of flowers, gardens and trees reaching out and upward for the manna from above. Chapters are set so that the viewer can play accompanying music with the scenes or isolate the rainfall: as you can gather from my dislike of 'too busy' relaxation DVDs, I love the tracks without the music layered over the rain. The films - two 25 minute ones, "Tropical Rain" and "Rains of the North" - can further be customized to 'light rain', 'medium rain' and 'heavy rainfall'; we enjoy the latter best of all, but then, we're from Chicago, and believe if it's gonna rain, it needs to rain a rain that'll scrub the years away. I personally love the scenes of downfall bouncing casually off the lake: very hynotic and one finds herself breathing more evenly, feeling an 'evenness' go through the body. This DVD also offers a 20 minute set, "Soothing Scenes" which is, as well, quite lovely - I do think that it's important to note for newbies to relaxation DVDs that although this IS a DVD, camera action is minimal, and scenes change only every couple of minutes or so. I am always surprised when somebody will borrow a relaxation set from me and return it with, "Well, not much happens - it could have easily been a CD." Wrong: This is a DVD so that the viewer can watch the effects of the rain, and literally experience the fronds and blooms bending beneath the showers. The photography is breathtaking; sharp and crisp but not invasive, and as having traveled extensively during my lifetime, I can attest to the makers of this film getting the English countryside, especially, perfect in its' beauty. Finally, I want to say that I realize many people will seek this out as a straight relaxation DVD, which is wonderful, but I want to personalize the matter and perhaps help others decide whether this would be a good choice for them: My son has very serious health issues, and is hospitalized many times a year for neurological problems and surgeries. This DVD has been wonderful for him as a 'comfort' DVD, a sleep aid, a relaxation DVD...I could go on and on. If you are looking for something to benefit an ill person's comfort and healing, I will attest to this quickly having gone right to the top of our "Best" list...and we have dozens and dozens of these kinds of DVDS. Another appreciated plus to "Rain" is that it does loop itself again and again, and so if you fall asleep to the sounds of the DVD, you'll wake to them as well, unless your DVD automatically shuts down. Without a doubt, a 5 star - can I give 10? - purchase, and I genuinely hope that my thoughts have helped somebody else, and that you'll discover this wonderful offering -
Ronda Poynter, San Francisco

This DVD of rainfall is excellent & so relaxing. If you love the sound of nature's rainfall, you will be delighted with this dvd. The scenes take you on a journey through trees, creeks,& waterfalls being refreshed by heaven's rain. The sounds of nature and/or music add to the beauty. This DVD is well worth the money.
Very satisfied customer!

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the videos we ordered. As always the videos arrived in perfect condition and sooner than expected. Rain is one of our favorites. The scenery is wonderful and very relaxing. We love the choices of natural sound, music or both and the continuous loop play on all the videos. These videos look great on our big screen TV. We look forward to ordering more of your great videos in the future.
Willie Adams

Review of the DVD RAIN

I really love this DVD. There's a fabulous choice of scenes. You can listen and watch the rain either with music or without music. Well done!
Paul J Stuart,UK

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