DVD Juke-box tele aquarium 2
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Titre:  Juke-box télé aquarium 2 DEVISE DE PAIEMENT
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Article:  Vidéo DVD, Toutes régions, écran large, Dolby Digital stéréo, approx. duréee - 80 minutes

DVD An Ambient Collection ® - Filmed with high definition cameras. Tropical Aquariums - Relaxing Bubble - The colors of the coral. With this extraordinary DVD, you will change your television aquarium! DVD Aquarium TV Jukebox offers eight different aquariums; all were filmed using high-resolution cameras: 1. Coral living 2. Bubbles Discus 3. The tropical tank 4. The depths of the sea 5. Goldfish 6. The shark tank 7. North Sea 8. The warm waters. Admire the fish swimming around the coral, Discus slipping between bubbles, rare fish in an award-winning tank, not to mention the goldfish, sharks, stingrays and many other fascinating fish. Choice of six soundtracks. Music, Waves, Waves and Music, bubbles, waves of the North Sea and the Coral Tranquility Choose Automatic Repeat option of a movie or use the function "Play All" (Play all) to see all the movies. KEY FEATURES * All titles accompanied by natural sounds recorded on the ground. * Songs automatically repeat - play continuously or use the Play All function.


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