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Titre:  La Nature suit son cours DEVISE DE PAIEMENT
Prix:   € 17.95
Moyenne des commentaires client  (9 évaluations)
Article:  Vidéo DVD, Toutes régions, écran large, Dolby Digital stéréo, approx. duréee - 62 minutes

Un DVD de la Collection ® Ambient - Filmé avec des caméras haute définition.

Laissez-vous séduire par les caprices de la mer, la riche végétation forestière, les arcs-en-ciel des chutes d’eau et la beauté naturelle de Yellowstone... Détendez-vous au son de la musique relaxante de ce superbe DVD...

Enrichi de la musique apaisante et inspirante de Simon Daum, ce DVD comporte neuf films, dont « Pacific Waves » (Vagues du Pacifique), « Natural Glory » (La gloire de la nature), « Water impressions » (Impressions aquatiques), « Sea Moods » (Les caprices de la mer) et « Sunset Beaches » (Crépuscule sur la plage). Vous pourrez, au choix, passer ces films continuellement ou utiliser la fonction « lecture totale » qui vous permettra de projeter les films les uns après les autres.

Nous vous proposons en supplément trois films de « Natural Decoration » (Décoration naturelle). Les sons naturels ont été enregistrés sur place, mais vous êtes libres de sélectionner de la musique ou un mélange de sons naturels et de musique. Les cadres sont idylliques : une cascade, un magnifique coucher de soleil sur l’océan et l’éruption d’un geyser.

* Tous les titres accompagnés par des sons naturels enregistrés sur le terrain.
* Chansons répéter automatiquement - jouer un continu ou utiliser la fonction Play All.

Expédition :  2 jours ouvrables

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

The DVD's we bought are beneficial to our patients with dementia. We have taken them on trips to the seaside and when we put on The Flow of Nature DVD, with the sea tracks, we can ask them what it reminds them of and stimulate memories of their trips to the sea.

Our other residents, and indeed several members of staff, have also said how much they enjoy watching the DVD's and have commented on the music as being lovely and very relaxing. The music has even stimulated conversation as to what instruments were used, piano, violin etc. I've watched the DVD's myself and I find it's everything together, the combination of visuals and music, which really draws you in.

Thank you again for all your help in finding the right products.

Carol Raper, Activities Organiser, Hartrigg Oaks Nursing/Residential Home, York, England

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

I am from the United States and have just received and viewed "The Flow of Nature". I intend on using it on our Alzheimer's Unit with the residents that are restless. I think this will be very beneficial. I like the music that correlates with the scenes. Thank You
Sister Eileen, St. Joseph Nursing Home

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

Very relaxing.
Maria Luisa Rodellono, Italy

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

I got The Flow of Nature DVD today. It is beautiful. I will soon be ordering more. Thank you again for making something so beautiful.
Betty, U.S.A.

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

The DVD "The Flow of Nature" is unquestionably an ode to the beauty of our planet. The images are beautiful, the colors are radiating and the music happens to be perfectly in tune with the images. In conclusion: It's simply great art!
Jean-Luc Bassompierre, France

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

Several months ago I purchased 3 different DVD's - Beach Collection, Coral Tranquility, and The Flow of Nature. Love your DVD's - have them playing in my studio for my clients to watch while I work on their nails - beautiful scenery. The Flow of Nature is my favourite because of the music and video combined and the large selection of 9 different scenes.
Avry Bablitz, Avry's, Mayerthorpe, Canada

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

Speedy delivery!!! Item was received within 7 days from ordering and it was sent from out of the country. Video is awesome it plays all day in a healthcare facility with rave reviews from everyone. Will definitely purchase additional dvds in the future!!!
H. C. Salerno, Florida

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

I purchased "The Flow of Nature" to play in the lobby of our funeral home and it has been enjoyed by so many people. We have had numerous customers request information about the DVD so that they could order their own copy. This DVD does a marvelous job of helping people relax and feel peaceful during a stressful time. The photography and music are outstanding.
Jeff Zealley,UTAH

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

I recently purchased this DVD for my father's 87th birthday. He lives in a nursing home and has dementia and aphasia. He can no longer talk and rarely responds to his environment. When I shared this DVD with him he watched the entire movie and nodded to me. It's a series of films about water flowing - waterfalls, streams, geysers, the ocean - accompanied by natural water sounds or by soothing music. It is calm and relaxing - perfect for nursing home residents or individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Barb Sweigard, USA

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