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Titre:  Virtual Cycle Rides - Budapest, Hungary DEVISE DE PAIEMENT
Prix:   € 9.95
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Article:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Stereo, Duration - 60 minutes

Virtual Cycle Rides - Budapest, Hungary for Treadmill, Cycling and Running Workouts with Music

Marvel at Budapest, the capital of Hungary, a wonderful city at the Danube River.
On your tour you pass the impressive Hungarian Parliament Building, the landmark of Budapest.
Also enjoy a ride over the famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge at day and see its wonderful lights at night.
Discover the nature of the city in a gorgeous park and have a look at the Heroes’s Square, famous for its statue complex.
Complete your ride in the dark and enjoy the magnificent illuminated city from your own home.

Ride All Over Budapest, Hungary With Music to Keep You Going

These virtual traveling videos are perfect to play during your cardio workouts at home or in a fitness center. The uplifting music motivates you even more.

High Quality HD Workout Video and Automatic Loop

This DVD is recorded with a gyro-stabilized HD camera system to create a real life experience.

Enjoy Your Workouts, Enjoy Your Life!... THERE'S MORE!

We also include a FREE downloadable bonus features with this DVD. All additional videos included were shot entirely in HD or 4K.
Just send us the details of which DVD you had purchased and where it was bought to the email address included inside.

Expédition :  2 jours ouvrables
Virtual Cycle Rides - Budapest, Hungary    

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