Fireplace XXL - Filmed in 4K
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Titre:  Fireplace XXL - Filmed in 4K DEVISE DE PAIEMENT
Prix:   € 12.95
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Article:  DVD Video, All Regions, Widescreen, Dolby Digital Sound, Duration - 100 minutes
HIGH QUALITY FIREPLACE MOVIES: REALISTIC FIRES FILMED IN 4K... Create a cosy and warm atmosphere during cold winter nights with the flickering flames and soothing sounds of crackling wood or peaceful music. Two fireplaces burn to the end and provide the same experience as if it was a real fireplace, but without having to chop the logs and clean up in the morning. This DVD set contains two Fireplace DVDs with each two warming fireplaces, filmed in various settings and complemented by a variety of soundtracks. Whether you are having a relaxed moment at home, a romantic evening or a dinner with friends, it will provide the right atmosphere. SOUNDTRACKS... You have three different sound options to choose from: 1. Fireplace sounds recorded on location 2. Peaceful music 3. Classical music (Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart) TOP QUALITY... This dvd was filmed in 4K camera to give more brightness and vividness in footages compared to HD cameras, but in DVD format this will remain on standard definition as 4K file will not fit on a standard dvd or blu-ray disc. To have a 4k footage you need to purchase a download format. ALL TRACKS PLAY CONTINUOUSLY FOR AN ENDLESS FIRE ON YOUR TV. THE PLAY ALL FUNCTION ALLOWS YOU TO PLAY TWO FIREPLACES IN TURN.
ISBN:  646809738074
Expédition :  2 jours ouvrables

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